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The American hit rock band The Beach Boys was initially formed in 1961 in Hawthorne, California. The group consisted of the brothers Carl, Dennis and Brian Wilson along with their cousin, Mike Love, and a friend, Al Jardine. The band’s vocal harmonies was showcased with their ‘surf songs’, becoming one of the most important rock bands of the time. The Beach Boys was driven to success by the principal producer and songwriter, Brian. They combined rock and roll from the 1950s, jazz-based vocals and R&B of the time, creating their own style of popular music. During the bands garage stage, they were managed by the Wilson brother’s farther, Murry. Their music would give a true reflection of the youth culture in southern California at the time – a culture of romance, surfing and cars. A focus on more multi-layered sounds and personal lyrics was adopted in 1964. By 1966, they released their new album called Pet Sounds that had the famous Good Vibrations song. Good Vibrations shot the band to the top level of the rock and roll music scene. The following year’s project call Smile was not as successful, leading to Brian’s withdrawal from the songwriting duties on the band. It is believed that it was also due to his substance abuse and mental health issues that he was facing. Despite the band trying to become one of the more successful rock bands again by gaining back their ‘hippie’ audience, the band would be seen as the embodiment of the white, suburban teens in the early 1960s. By the 1970s, The Beach Boys enjoyed the success of their greatest hits album as they transitioned into an oldies band. Dennis died in 1983 and Carl in 1998. Some remaining members tried a solo career while Mike Love and Bruce Johnston partook in tours.

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